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Li Jiaqi is known as a male beauty blogger, gaining 800,000 followers on Tik Tok and Weibo(Chinese popular social medias). He reportedly beat Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba Group, in a lives-treamed platform on Singles’ Day by selling 1,000 lipsticks, while Jack Ma only sold 10 during the same period. Another record Li Jiaqi made is, on 8 of March(Queen’s Day in China), making 23,000 deals with earning 3.5 million yuan($508,668) in a five-and-a-half-hour livestream-show with 190,000 viewers. Now he can earn more than 10 million yuan ($1.4 million) a month.

What a legend!!!

How did Li Jiaqi make it?

Sensis Social Media Report, June 2016

Li Jiaqi effectively utilizes the power of social media to get huge number of audience. The data from Sensis Social Media Report show the largest proportion(91%) of social media users are for catching up with family and friends, following for entertainments(36% sharing photographs or videos, 28% watching videos, 18% playing games) and information collecting(35% on news and events, 16% on particular brands or business, 8% reviews or blogs about products). Here indicates three main motivation of social media consumers: entertainment, social connection, and information. Li Jiaqi found a big commercial opportunity in providing information. He tried a large mount of lipsticks and shared his evaluation with expertise of cosmetics.

  • Novel Things — He posts heaps of videos where he applies various colors lipsticks. It is funny to watch a man trying lipsticks, but surprisingly, this lipstick man is more attractive than women applying lipsticks. In addition, Li Jiaqi keeps saying “OMG”, “AMAZING” as his favorite phrases, which is quite easy to catch attention.
  • Expertise — The funny thing don’t guarantee to maintain the audience. Li Jiaqi used to work as a cosmetics count-seller, he has comprehensive knowledge about cosmetics. He will try every single lipstick and tell you different texture, different effect, even different color match with different image.
  • Being trustworthy — You may be funny and has expertise in some area, but you might be seen as a seller of one brand. Li Jiaqi introduces various products and brands. He criticized some lipsticks of well-known brands like Chanel and YSL, also gave a high value of some inexpensive lipsticks. It is showed than Li doesn’t stand by any brand and it looks like evaluation is fair enough.

Li Jiaqi use his professional knowledge to attract audience on social media. You can find your way to get attention from social media’s users, that’s a big commercial opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Show your expertise on social media

  1. I think one of the reasons that Li Jiaqi success is that he made the information very quick to consume. He did not spend hundreds of years of evaluating a single lipstick. And he made sure he tried as many lipsticks as possible, that made the buyers easier to compare and decide which one they would like to choose.


  2. It is interesting to see how beauty bloggers are becoming more and more popular thanks to social media. I’m particularly keen on seeing how people gain acknowledge on Tiktok, a brilliant platform that for me, combines the video-based function of Youtube and traditional social networking function of such sites as Facebook. It is like Instagram but you post videos instead of pictures. There have been so many Tiktok videos going viral across Asia. Also talking about beauty blogging, it is becoming a career rather than just entertainment. Beauty bloggers on Youtube such as Jessica Vu have decided not to go to uni and focus on creating content as a full-time job. Or people like Michelle Phan or Changmakeup (another well-known Vietnamese beauty vlogger) have established their own cosmetic products after years of Youtubing about beauty. It is interesting how social media has gradually changed the job market, creating more jobs that allows people to work from home, to share experience and to gain a lot of money and fame.


  3. To add to your discussion, I think James Charles, a globally recognised male makeup artist/beauty blogger reviews cosmetic products on his YouTube channel in a humorous manner. Due to his fame and worldwide recognition, his followers portray him as a trustworthy source as he provides detailed, fair product information. This can be a form of social media marketing as James Charles’ reviews could tremendously contribute to boosting the sales of the cosmetic brand/product. In like manner, this allows him to demonstrate his expertise in the beauty industry on social media, where people appreciate his presence as he could be perceived as a legitimate cosmetic product reviewer, while simultaneously increasing sales of the reviewed product.


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