Korean Anipang made a milestone in social networking based games

Anipang is a South Korean mobile puzzle game, developed by SundayToz. In 2011, Anipang was released at Kakaotalk, which is Korean most popular social networking app, it had been downloaded more than 20 million times within 74 days. There were over 5 million users in 2011, and more people took part in and enjoyed this game after years. There are now over 20 million users, the highest number of users in the mobile game market in South Korea. Because of the popularity of Anipang, Sunday Toz sequentially released “Anipang 2”. They also expended oversea market using Wechat in China and Line in Japan. It is a milestone in Korea, because Anipang is the first mobile game based on a social networking system in game market.

How can Anipang spread so quickly and widely?

  • Anipang creates great social currency.

Social currency are things people can share, such as thoughts, opinions and interests which can make people look good to others. It’s quite easy to play Anipang. People from 10 to 60-year-old are hooked on this game. They would like to share this interesting game to their friends. In addition, people can check every friend’s points on kakaotalk, the game also notice you when you get higher level than your friends. Through this game mechanic, people keep playing to get higher points and higher level, gaining the feel of achievement from the rank.

  • They make triggers.

There are 97% of Korean using kakaotalk, The users can send messages to their friends to recommend this game. Furthermore, Anipang provides hearts to play the game, when you use up the hearts, you can send a heart to your friend, then you can get a heart as well. When your friends get higher level than you, a notification will be sent to you. You also can share your points and rank to your friends. All of these game mechanic trigger you to keep playing the game, to share and talk about this game. Anipang spread so quickly and widely that people play everywhere, on the train, at workplace, and at school. Can you imagine Anipang even become daily topic to start conversations.

  • They bring it into real life.

SundayToz opened a flagship store in Hongdea, the busiest commercial street in Seoul. Consumers flock into store, taking photos of Anipang’s characters and purchasing the various products. The store became a popular travelling point in Korea.

It is not surprising that there are numerous games in social network apps nowadays. However, there is no one as popular as Anipang in Korea. If you are always imitating others, you never surpass them. Keep seeking new and novel things to attract public.

2 thoughts on “Korean Anipang made a milestone in social networking based games

  1. Dears, there is a detailed description in you blog and I know the game is a creative ones . But I have a question that If the game can do the marketing or it can help the other customers do the marketing?


  2. Anipang really makes good use of social money to open the market. When friends are playing the same game, joining this game will allow us to better integrate into friends. Anipang advertised quickly to open the market and created a hot topic for many people to join the game. The grasp of consumer psychology allows the company to continue to develop. It is worth thinking about whether the company can continue to use social currency when the topic of the game is not enough. Can the game be as successful as it is now? Or will lose a lot of customers?

    After crossing the cultural spread, how does Anipang better attract locals to join the game? There are many games that are all in the same development model, and you can try to find out more about the uniqueness of Anipang.


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